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I help companies to be successful in dynamic markets.

No matter whether it’s a startup, a corporation or a family business – every organization needs to be able to deal with constant change.

In a time in which we are constantly confronted with surprises and changing conditions, adaptability, appropriate organizational structures and the knowledge of our own capabilities are needed.

I support companies to strengthen and use the skills they need to be sustainably viable in dynamic markets.

If necessary, I can put you in touch with investors and business angels, and I have access to globally recognized top experts in all areas of business.

The right ingredients for success

From idea to product

Enabling you to quickly and inexpensively turn a great idea into a product that customers love.

Focus on the important

Knowing what is really important – act where it is necessary. Using your potential where the benefit is greatest.

Through our own efforts

Success cannot be bought. It emerges when you become aware of your own strengths.

Doing the right thing

What is needed now? Which method, which procedure, which tool is the right one for us?

About me

Matthias Stache

For more than 10 years, I have been supporting employees, management and board members in creating the right conditions for people to perform at their best.

Whether people, companies, or society: Especially in a globalized and digitalized world, strategies are needed to deal with complexity. And the ability to assess a situation or context correctly and to choose appropriate approaches.
With targeted impulses, interventions and operational support, I help you to develop and use these very capabilities.
The goal of my work is to empower my clients to become aware of their own strengths and abilities, to focus on what is really important and to transform ideas into valuable solutions by their own efforts.

Let's make a difference together.